We’re moving!!

The family is moving to Virginia and while we move and get the family established, we have limited products to offer. As soon as the business is reset and we’re ready, we’ll have more items to offer. We look forward to getting back to our full offerings soon!

Fresh Charcuterie and Small plate low allergen dog treats

Like many others, we are fans of a high-quality charcuterie board or small plates.  And we’d love to share with our dog, Isabella (“Izzy”), but we know almost all of our board favorites are bad for her (some are even poisonous). We searched the internet and found several charcuterie board options for her. But we noticed a theme: all of them assemble a variety of other manufacturers’ products, add some adorable garnishes and call it a board or basket.

We hand make most of the food we eat, why should Izzy get anything less?

Challenge: Is it possible to re-imagine human charcuterie board options in a form that dogs can enjoy safely?

Answer: Yes!

Our fresh charcuterie and small plate low allergen dog treats have:

High Quality Standards

Each of our snacks and treats are made:

  • with a short list of high-quality ingredients
  • are made the same way they would be made
    for humans
  • in a licensed kitchen under the observation of a certified Food Safety Manager

Low Allergen Risk

Although every dog is different, there are several ingredients that are common canine allergens. Our resident chef researches every ingredient before including it in our recipes.

Our short list of ingredients will make it easy for you to find a treat your dog can enjoy.

Little or No Sodium

Too much sodium is bad for your dog, just as it is for you.  The reason is different. 

Excessive salt intake in dogs may lead to salt poisoning.  Since your pet probably gets the right amount of sodium in their daily nutrition source, we limit how much we add to ours.

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